lørdag 3. desember 2011


We had friends visiting today to help us to glue together our little cosy peppercakecabin.
We bought the parts for the house this year...I am not really an architect...Just a pity that I had to glue together the parts that SHOULD be whole before we started...

Nonstop and winegum was used for the decoration. 1o in the mouth and 1 on the house was the situation today... Well, saturday and everything:)

The xmas feeling has definitely arrived in the house.
We also went to the library to rent some xmas books for the kids. There will be some reading in bed for sure!

2 kommentarer:

Laurence sa...

What are nonstop? I guess it is a type of sweet? The little gingerbread cottage looks so nice. Have you eaten it yet??

Laurence sa...

By the way...it was Tish (not Laurence) who wrote that comment (and this one too!).


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