fredag 9. mars 2012

Haha, a funny FINN-experience!

Adrià is turning 3 on tuesday and its becoming more and more common that big brothers or sisters also receive a little something this day. So, I found this great Star Wars spaceshuttle in Finn (secondhand website) for 50 kr and thought what a perfect bigbrother gift for Marcus...

I just met the guy in town and the spaceshuttle is IMMENSE!!!! He brought it to me in a big garbage bag!

Its intact, even with Obi-Wan-Kanobi inside:)

When I showed it to Salva he just exclaimed: its mine, dont show the kids!

Even I felt a bit thrilled about it!

At least we have a few days with the toy for ourselves before we have to share it with the kids, hehe:)

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Tonje sa...

Haha. Ja, hva er det med menn og store leker? Under julehandelen fikk eg nesten ikke min egen med ut fra lekebutikken da han bare ville se på alle de lekene han ønsket seg som barn men aldri fikk...
Tipper M blir kjempeglad!!


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