lørdag 24. mars 2012

What a crazy beautiful day! Sunny, sunny sunny! Like all animals we also felt like crawling out from our wintershelter to feel the rays of sun on our bodies.
Gosh, it has been like a summerday. Maybe this is it? The summer we will have this year?? Last year we had two fantastic weeks in end April/beginning of May, but that was also the only "summer" we had...

Stickbread and hotdogs on the BBQ is always a success, not only for the kids...!!
The boys were exploring the life in the forest and by the shore, basically they found ants and shells, but that was enough to keep their scientific interest going.

Heading home we missed the bus... Agh, second time in a week..., and we had to walk quite a bit.
No wonder Satuurday is the day of the week I feel most tired of them all. But still energized and full of beautiful  memories with the best little boycrowd I know.

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Vigdis sa...

wow. sommer faktisk. i mars.
her snødde det i går. og litt i dag :(

tror nesten jeg må melde meg litt ut av bloggverden et par måneder. så jeg ikke blir deprimert ;)


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