lørdag 28. april 2012

CitySaturday and 5 years of marriage!

We went to town today as they announced a lot of ctivities as it was CitySaturday. To be honest we didnt find to many interesting things to see or do. But a nice short walk in the cold wind was accomplished at least. And a little visit to the Farmers Market where we bought nice spareribs from my cousins neighbouring farm; Haugen Gardsmat.

 Today is also the day for our 5th anniversary! Imagine... 5 years ago we had just said "yes" to eachother for the rest of our lives:) By this time we had our bellys full of delicious paella and other delicacies from the sea... what a dreamday it was. 30 friends and familymembers from Norway came to spend the day with us in Catalonia, together with 30 of Salvas family and friends.

Today has somehow been a bit hard day for me. Starting up with great tiredness, and a heavy feeling in the back.
So, not very ambitious plans about our celebration. The spareribs are in the oven with Hasselbackspotatoes, and the coleslaw is chilling in the fridge:)

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mona sa...

Gratulerer med bryllupsdagen!! Herlig mage du har nå :) Ikke lenge igjen altså, tiden flyyr.


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