fredag 13. april 2012


I am a cheeselover.
And I truly miss our evenings in Spain with good seranoham and a selection of matured cheeses...
Looking forward to get baby out now:)

This matured swedish cheese is probably safe for me to eat now. Pasteurized cheese and no spooky bacteriacultures.
The other day I also had unpasteurized parmesan, but obviously it is considerered safe as it is a hard cheese (lower pH and low watercontent) and it is the softer ones that normally contain listeria.

By the way;
baby seems to be supercontent in the belly. The last two days he has been entertaining my collegues with his crazy kicks at lunchtime. The whole belly moving.  What a freakshow!!
I just KNOW he will be a wild one!

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Størstepia sa...

Hehe, rart at man lyster på det man ikke kan spise når man er gravid;)!
Ha en super helg!
Klem fra størstepia


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