torsdag 19. april 2012

Week 33,5

So, here I am, growing well into my 33rd week of my 3rd pregnancy.
Dressed in black I might not look THAT big, but I feel heavy now.
Short of breath from the smallest thing like walking up the stairs...
Got a letter from the doctor informing that the ferritinlevels were way to low, so now I`m eating irontablets...
That is never funny for your stomach, but I try to quit coffees, have even more c-vitamins and ofcours a lot of spinach! I put spinach even in my smoothies these days:)

 Salva and I are having a date now before I go to work my very LAST afternoon... I still have 3 weeks left, but this is it when it comes to late duties.

Salva will start working fulltime again the 1.of May so now we have to take care of those last opportunities to be just the  two of us.

Have a great day:)

2 kommentarer:

mona sa...

Wow, du ser jo superflott ut!! Ta vare på deg selv nå da, ingen vits i å slite seg helt ut :)

siddisisalou sa...

Kjempefin vordende mammma, og de siste ukene går nok fortere en du tror. Kos deg den tiden som er igjen, for det kan bli travelt etterhvert tenker jeg.


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