onsdag 30. november 2011

Xmas in the house

The hottest trend this year is to decorate a branch instead of a tree. I think its a great idea since I have a few monkeys here at home that like to swing around and climb in the interior...

So, this morning I found the perfect branch outside the kindergarden. Looking pretty crazy trying to twist it off the rest of the tree. Its not as easy as it looks like without a knife...
Hope nobody from the kgarden saw me...

Well, anyway... Now its up, hanging over my head in the livingroom. I am quite satisfied:)
Our hanging horizontal xmas tree of this year. Yeah, why not?

Decorated with ornaments from "Söstrene grene"; a bird with feather, an owl, a cupcake, a few xmas balls and two dried pieces of orange.

The dried oranges really work great as decoration so I made a few on strings to hang in the kitchen window.

So satisfied with how our little wooden shire is turning out for xmas.
The boys also made some small nisser yesterday. They were easy peasy to make but create such a sweet atmosphere.


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