lørdag 30. juni 2012

Moving, part 2.

Cant really believe that we are in the middle of a moving...
I dont get to do much alone with my 3 little fellows. Little prince demanding here with me is troubled with his shitting (he hasnt slept since he woke up around 7.30) Adrià wants to help with the washing (I really aprreciate your initiative sweetie, but today it really has to look CLEAN after the washing...!), and Marcus is watching way to much telly...!

I try to keep my head calm and tell myself we have an ocean of time to fix everything before the new person moves in tomorrow.
We will make it somehow!

fredag 29. juni 2012

I felt like the worst mum in the world...

"he has got more rashes, a different kind of rash!" I exclaimed to Salvador this morning. Quite stressed. I didnt like what I saw... All over Sanders little body... a red rash in the skin (like redwine rash that some people get from redwine..), very different from the chicken pox that he has.

I freaked out a bit as the doctor told me yesterday to be VERY aware of ANY change in the skin, general condition, fever etc...
The doctor would like to see us straight away, and I just got to brush my teeth before heading out almost running with Sander in the wrap...

"well, I see... hmm... " was the doctors opinion. "havent really seen anything like this in such a small kid before...". She called the pedriatrician and they told us to get to the hospital right away.
Can you understand the drama and stress inside of me???
A newborn with chicken pox and complications on that? Seriously, that would be my worst nightmare. And these things just dont happen to us.

Finally there (after waiting for a taxi for an hour) we met a nurse, a doctor and another doctor.
Confirming again that he has chicken pox (poor little thing) and trying to figure out the other rash.
"Did you eat anything special the last days? they asked me.
Like I can even remember if I had a shower this morning?
Then they started listing things... "shrimps?, did you have that?"...

Oh MY!
YES, I did...2 days ago, and how I enjoyed them...! Not sacrifising a thought that it could cause my little angel any harm.

So... Litlle angel is therefor now diagnosed with chicken pox AND allergic reaction to shrimps!!
He is fine except for the rash. No fever, he eats and shits well, though struggling a bit with the shitting. But at least it comes out bigtime. We even had to steal a sheet from the hospital to cover his shitspots on the pj...!

Well, a hell of a morning, but we are happy to be back home, safe and sound.
He sleeps quietly and I will start to wash the last rooms before we move tomorrow.

Hope your day so far has been a bit better than ours:)

torsdag 28. juni 2012

We are moving, part 1.

Moving goes a bit easier when you are many helping out.
My mother, father and brother came fully equipped with all kinds of professional chemicals and fancy tools to remove all possible dirt around.
Now I can almost claim we will live our last days in a sterile environment:)

After a while we needed a break and what is more practical than pizza on paperplates and beer from a bottle?  No dishwashing afterwards;)

So much love

Love can sometimes be an overwhelming feeling.
Resulting in an "overdosis" of cuddling for our littlest...

onsdag 27. juni 2012


I regret to say that we are 100% sure that Sander has got chicken pox...
More and more red dots are appearing as time goes and some are already swollen and quite red.
I dont like this.
So far he still doesnt have any fever. Thats good.
Normally newborn get away with it pretty easily, BUT  in some rare occasions they can get complications like encephalitis...

Sander doesnt seem to be too troubled. He has eaten and slept just as normal and has been quite a bit awaken and satisfied as well. Anyway we have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning, hopefully he can tell us that we dont have to worry for anything.
Shit, I feel a bit nervous I must say. This was not exactly the kind of start of his life I was wishing for.
I guess I am exaggerating and that its just normal for a mum to worry a bit too much for her kids.

Africa and chicken pox...

You remind me of Africa was a comment I got in the kindergarden this morning carrying Sander in the Mobywrap.
Well, Go Africa I wanted to say then. There are many things to learn from Africa.
There is nothing more genius as a wrap to carry your baby in. All the time with you, smelling your skin, your milk, your heartbeat. Our little Sander maybe is such a calm kid due to just this fact; his is carried almost all the time and sleeps like he was drugged!
I regret so much that we didnt carry Marcus around with us like this. But we were not that "alternative" (!) back then...

By the way; I have discovered something that looks misteriously like chicken pox on his leg... Iiiiik.
But there's only one and he doesnt have fever. We just have to check carefully how this develops.
Is there a limit, like there has to be at least 20 to call it chicken pox for real?

tirsdag 26. juni 2012

one of those days...

...where only mums hugs sand kisses helps!

mandag 25. juni 2012


Lovely weather allowed for a lunch outdoor in the city.
Cafe Opera is a place that we often come back to. I dont know exactly why but it just seems like a natural choice for all of us. We have been hanging out here since we were students and its where you can spot some of the Bergen celebrities;)
Last time I was there Helge Jordal was dining next to us, and today he was passing by on his bike!

Sander was sleeping all the time (as usual). Cant complain about that kid for sure.
But he has more awaken periods now. Especially in the evenings. Then he shows us his precious blue eyes (seems like he will have them blue!) and keeps us company for a couple of hours. So when the two others are sleeping its time for the third one to wake up;)

Now, a Clausthaler and some tv with the man:)

Off for lunch!

Joho and good morning!

After missing a bus (changed schedule) we got lost in a garden on the way to kindergarden.
But we got to smell roses and listen to a little river. Beautiful things on a Monday morning.

I will put petit in the wrap and off we go to the city for a girlie lunch:)

søndag 24. juni 2012


Marcus is such a mimic type.
He is very observant and can act and pretend to be almost anyone.
He has about a 1000 faces.

Here he is with his batman outfit and 3D-glasses.
And that superstrange look on his face.

lørdag 23. juni 2012

Curry and the life with 3 kiddos

I really love indian food...
And I couldnt help but having a few bites of spicy marinated chicken...

We will see how Sander is handling his "spicy afternoon milk" later on.

My boys are very curious boys and ask a lot about the meaning of things. So I never get to have a chat with a friend without a lot of interruptions about the meaning of words, or what do I mean about that, or some other things that just pop up in their minds just then; like: "mum, why dont we make a timemachine?" .

The day without Salva at home has been pretty good because of the visit. But I was about to go CRAZY for a while when they couldnt let me breastfeed without trying to give hugs and kisses to Sander. And we are talking kissing ... Adrià is an expert on french kissing and also on cowkisses... Those were his tongue goes all around Sanders face and makes him really wet and full of saliva...
They are very eager to get his attention all the time, and its so hard to understand that they have to be very gentle.
I feel like a bitch talking loud and strict to them, but I get frustrated and have to protect the small one from his extremly loving bigbrothers.

I also got quite pissed with Adrià when he got jeaulous about Sander  and threw a dead insect that he found in the house on us while I was breastfeeding. I found it so disgusting and told him to throw it straight away, but he just went on, throwing that dead insect on us...

And then he just decided to go out, all by himself, in the rain, in only short pants... Without telling even. I dont like when they do that, as we live on the second floor and the carroad is pretty close.
But at least he reminded me on the laundry that was getting wet in the rain, and he was very helpful to get it in with me:)
And then I will try to forget about the shit I got under my nail when I was wiping his ass later on. MY GOD, how grose. Luckily I didnt confuse it for peanutbutter that I am totally hooked on these days.

Harmony is in the house now as Salva just arrived. Sander is sleeping on his chest, Marcus and Adrià in the bathtubs, and soon there will be some relaxing tv for them. Then we will call it a day for them, and me and Salva will cheer for Spain tonight.

Have you had a nice day??

Goood morning!

Goood morning is wished to you from 3 of 5 Salvador-Wangens!
Salvador is working this morning, Marcus is hooked on Teeter on my mobile... and the rest of us are playing duplo and trying to make Sander fall asleep for a morning nap.

Later we will have a friend and her niese visiting for lunch. They will cook lunch for us:) What a luxury.

Happy Saturday and St.hans aften!

fredag 22. juni 2012


Today I got a cd with photos from the kindergarden.
I always had the feeling there was something strange about that kindergarden...
From now on I will be happy as long as Adrià doesnt make me invisible or turn me into a frog...
Scary, scary...

torsdag 21. juni 2012


Cooking, breastfeeding and helping Marcus to pass level 5 in Teeter on my mobilphone...

Luckily Adrià is sleeping on the kitchenfloor... I couldnt take helping him out as well at this moment...

Looking alike?

We still think that Sander is looking basically like himself:)
But if there has to be similarities with someone in the family it has to be Marcus!
There is something about the mouth and eyes that reminds slightly.

In a way we are impatient to see how he develops, will the eyes stay blue for ever?
On the other hand we dont want him to grow another centimeter...

We are enjoying days of SUN! Cant believe its true that we are having such lovely weather day after day...

Yesterday I paid a visit to my collegues in Haukeland hospital, and today I will go for a girls lunch here in the island:)
Nice days!

tirsdag 19. juni 2012

How to spend the days?

Sander goes on being sleepy during daytime..
But something changed the last two nights.
He used to sleep through nights as well (perfect for me!), but now he wakes up and is troubled by something...
Its not like he wants to eat a lot either.
I have been thinking about my diet lately, and hopefully I am to blame.
We had a spanish escachada yesterday for lunch and its pretty full of raw onion... And for dinner  I made some light spicy indian...
Seems like you never get to be an expert... Not even on the 3rd child.
Have to start using my brain before I stuff my mouth full:)

I also have som issues about how to spend my days...
And while I think about that I make muffins:)
These ones were just great. Seriously; GREAT!!
They are made with oatmeal (havregryn).

Recepy here.
(I used banana instead of apples, I always get good results with banana, they get creamier.)

I have also had some time to start going through my closet...
Djizzes, I think I deserve a total makeover soon.
New hair and clothes, thankyou;)

Anyone in Bergen who would like to get rid of clothes in size 36??
We could do a little exchange in that case!
As most of you know, I LOVE recicling:)

Healthy big boy

Big big brother Marcus is officially healthy again!
He had a very mild version of the chicken pox. I would say not much more than 50 on the whole body.
He was quite happy to go back to the kindergarden today, eventhough I can really tell he is ready for next chapter; school!!

Adrià likes to put on disguises when he goes off to kindergarden. This photo is from another day when he wanted to be Santa:)

mandag 18. juni 2012

Old photos

I have been going through my folder fpapers and among all the papers I found some photos!
These are from a girltrip to the Greek Islands in 1995 I think...
We met a couple of Danish guys in Paros and one of them wanted to cut my hair (!).
Why not, I thought.
He brought with him a pair of scissors to the beach, and me a bottle of beer.
The result was more or less like this.
(I had to visit the hairdresser to fix it a little bit afterwards...!)

The photos were taken by a socalled professional :)
And I remember I was sooo embarassed to get undressed in a narrow street were tourist passed by every now and then during the shooting;)

Anyway, they are nice memories and I we have so many funny memories from this trip!

Little darling

2 weeks today!!

søndag 17. juni 2012

Sweater is done:)

My first (and last?) Marius sweater is finally done:)

It is not a piece of perfection, but I am quite satisified.
My mum helped me with the last rows at the top as I didnt manage to finish it before Sander was born.
The arms are slightly baggy (as I made them size small and the rest of the sweater is xs), but who cares???
I feel proud og my sweater and will use it a lot.

lørdag 16. juni 2012

Early morning.

Isnt it typical??
Those evenings you stay up a biiit longer than usual, you can bet on kids waking up earlier than usual the next morning.
Its like a penalty for having had a great time;)

Our dinner yesterday was a mix of cheeses and bisquits, some grilled meat, a pizza with aubergine and zuccini and grilled potatoes!
Spanish wine:) And some homemade drinks for those who could have that!
(that is; not me!)

We took the best out of maybe the last evening of summer in this city...
Now it will rain for a week. Yeah, we really missed the rain;)

Have a beautiful Saturday everyone!

Dinner with neighbours!!

What a great evening! Spontanious dinner with our landords on the terasse until late!
A little glass of redwine and a baileys for me. And tasty grilled meat and veggie pizza.
Much laughter and super atmosphere.
We will miss them...

fredag 15. juni 2012

Little boy turns big too quickly

Our little Marcus is getting big way to quickly.
(we want to make Bonsai of all of our 3 kids...)

This is from yesterdays summerparty.
Marcus is one of four soon-to-be-schoolkids and received a medal for that!!
They made a small ceremony for them and held small speeches for each one.
For Marcus they said something like:
"You should look long for a more happy and satisfied boy. You love walking in the forest and you get easily fascinated by anything that walks or crawls around. 
You are a very helpful child and you have an immense fantasy...
We will miss you a lot when you go to Spain, good luck with school and your new life there".

How sweet:)

We couldnt be more proud of you, Marcus!!

chicken pox boy

Not so badly attacked yet...
But staying home we are studying viruses and brains on the net.
And animals in his book...
"which one is bigger, more dangerous, which animal would you like to be"...etc,etc".

 In a way its good that he is such a big boy and understands that he can not scratch...

torsdag 14. juni 2012

Oh no...

Coming home from the summerparty, getting kids ready for a shower, I realize it...
Seems like Marcus has got chicken pox.

So now what??
He will stay home with me and Sander for the next week I guess...
That must be the best way to protect my newborn from this disease. NOT.

Feeling rather frustrated right now.

Marcus had his vaccine in Spain, but I just read that a vaccination doesnt give 100% protection, which does a real chicken pox infection.
On the other hand, since I had it as a child, Sander should be safe as he receives my antibodies.

Feeling slightly calmer now...

Buns for babies

I am cooking for the big summerparty in the kindergarden.

Cant believe they wont have a BBQ, that would be so easy for everyone...
Well, I enjoy cooking and with a sleepybaby it is possible to go shopping, bake and even eat lunch before he even thinks about waking up again;)

Since he is such a cute and clever baby, I made special buns for him!! Hope he likes them;)

onsdag 13. juni 2012

He can stay awaken...

 ...for a second or so...

Then back to sleep:)

Babies at this age sleep between 16-22 hours per day. Well, Sander is close to 22 I would say.
Well done, I guess he is in a hurry to grow as big as his big brothers;)

Salva is picking kids in kindergarden and while Sander sleeps I will cook the trout-pasta. Kids loving it.

By the way, me and Salva thought of making a Bonsai-Sander! How wonderful if he could stay this tiny forever:)
Any Bonsai-baby-courses in Bergen?!!!!! Hihi:)

We are moving gradually... and today I give away...


a pair of shoes!

I bought them from the net some time ago, but they are so tight on my foot. The size is supposed to be a US 7 (which is a 39) but that is SO NOT possible.

I am normally a 38, so if there is a size 36,5- 37 out there who would be happy to have almost new shoes for free, her you have:)

They are hardly used, smellfree (!) and I guess a fairly good shoe for a person with a narrow foot..
The model is Adidas Kanadia TR3, Goretex and Climaproof.

tirsdag 12. juni 2012

Look what I got!

Salvador "surprised" me with this nice anorak in the hospital the day after the delivery!
Then I had been craving for it since I saw it in Platou some weeks before...
Such nice quality (organic cotton) and really fresh color.
It will be perfect for spring and autumn in Spain.
With a little sweater under only.
I really love it already. It will match our sporty lifestyle perfectly:)

Gooood morning!

Some photos just make me happy:)
This was yesterday evening and we all had a kiss and hug party! And making funny faces party!

The big challenge these mornings is to get the kids happy off to the kindergarden...
It seems like they have one day each of "i want to stay home with the baby"...
Or other excuses like "  i am tired of the food in the kindergarden, we only eat dry bread and fruit"!.

I must say that they are quite absorbed of their new situation with a baby at home.
How they show him attention:)
Adrià loves putting his finger (clean!!) in Sanders mouth and giggles when he starts sucking on it;)
Marcus is the more gentle type and caresses Sander very carefully.

When it comes to Sander he doesnt seem to be a night eater...
Seriously, arent they supposed to wake up every 2 hours and demand food???
As far as I rembember it was like this, right?
But Sander is such a sleepytroll... and sleeps, sleeps, sleeps...

Me on the other hand wake up with breasts like footballs, big and leaky...
And I just have to force him to eat. But it takes time before he agrees.
I would like him to eat at least a couple of times at night as that is the best for the milkproduction. Hmm...
Worries, worries, worries.
I know I shouldnt worry as he seems to be supercontent. 
Such a calm, sleepy, and harmonic baby is a gift.
 I will just enjoy:)

Have a great day and thanks for all the nice comments lately:) I really appreciate every single one!!

mandag 11. juni 2012

Sleepyday... and yesterday.

Have me and Sander done anything else than sleep today??
Gosh, what a tired couple we have been... sleeping until 14!
I guess I had some sleeptime to recover from the last week.

We did make it to the shop and back though. And I bought myself an icecream:)

Yesterday on the other hand we had a really beautiful day. We walked down to the fjord and the boys had a great time throwing stones in the water, picking snails and looking at the boats cruising by.

I also got the possibility to refresh some yogapostures with Sander in the Mobywrap.
I have just started thinking about my physical recovery and try to do the excercises when I am lying down. So boring, but still so important for not becoming a TENA-lady.



søndag 10. juni 2012

Soon 1 week...

Cant believe that Sander is 1 week already tomorrow...
The days flies...
And we try to enjoy every moment of this first special days with our new baby.

He sleeps with us, on us and we carry him around in a wrap when we are out.
As much skincontact as possible.
And he seems to really enjoy.
Such an eater and sleeper;)

We are so lucky:)


One is ready with breakfast...

Now a more solid breakfast for the rest of us; porridge!!

lørdag 9. juni 2012

It was long time since I had a glass of cava!

Saturday night, football and a glass of Cava with blue cheeses and nice ham!
Didnt really miss it that much while I was pregnant, but Oh My how good it is:)

Sander is such a sleepytroll. He sleeps the whole day, and while I wonder if something is wrong (!), Salvador thinks its just optimal;)

We have had a great day with my parents visiting. They always bring with them nice food and today we arranged the dinner outside on the terasse. Beef stroganoff and rhubarb-pai for dessert!

Sander joined us in his cradle!
The sun is good for his skin which is sligthly yellow.

Now, back to Sander, Salva and football:)


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