mandag 30. april 2012


(What mothertype are you?)

I just read in about different types of mothers trying to figure out what type I am...
Hmm, a good mix of many types I would say.

Let me say that I am not a controllmum. I hardly ever bring a shoppinglist to the shop, I delievered the taxdeclaration a minute ago (on the last day!) and I take ages to mark my kids clothes for the kindergarden. I am neither the kind of mum that knows everything about cremes and medicine for kids... That is basically because my kids never get sick... So no one ever calls me for good advices!

I could have slight tendencies to be a bit neurotic... Already during my first pregnancy I was convinced that my baby would be misshaped and have strange syndroms.
I often worry for my kids at nighttime... Not too seldom I have nightmares where bad things happen to them because I dont control them well enough.

I am a very efficient mum. While kids watch TV I clean kitchen, do laundry, cook, bake or something else. Then I have more time with them afterwards. I always prioritize playing and spending time with my kids.

I see myself as a quite diplomatic and politically correct mother. I will more often discuss quietly why my kids need to wear a lot of clothes in the winter, rather than shouting NO to them when they want to put on shorts...

I am definitely a 1950s mother... I do believe that it was better to grow up when I was a kid, and I need loooong time to adjust to new things.
I do believe that kids should play actively rather than with iPads and other gadgets...
I cook very often from scratch and tell my kids how important it is to eat healthy and varied.
I NEVER buy prechopped veggies in the shop. For Gods sake, that take one minute to do myself;)

I prioritized to stay home with my kids for 4 years, only the last year I have been a fulltime-worker. I still consider that I spend a lot of time with my family.
Its been going on behalf of my own sosial life, but I do believe that what I invest in my kids now, will bring me a close and open relationship with them later.

How do you see yourself as mothers?

søndag 29. april 2012

Its Norway, not Spain!!

Wow, we have had a true summerday today AND the first dinner on the terasse with the neighbours!
BBQ it was!
We left the house at 11 for a walk in the forest and the kids have just landed in the sofa for some tv-watching. Adrià is already yawning....
How they spend good energy when they are out. Running, climbing, exploring on microlevel...

The adults discussed me and Salvas future business while the kids got wet from watergunplay!
So much laughter and fun.

Yes thankU to many more days like this!!

Todays breakfast

For my poor ironlevels to feel a bit happier!
With spinach!
Recepy here.

lørdag 28. april 2012

CitySaturday and 5 years of marriage!

We went to town today as they announced a lot of ctivities as it was CitySaturday. To be honest we didnt find to many interesting things to see or do. But a nice short walk in the cold wind was accomplished at least. And a little visit to the Farmers Market where we bought nice spareribs from my cousins neighbouring farm; Haugen Gardsmat.

 Today is also the day for our 5th anniversary! Imagine... 5 years ago we had just said "yes" to eachother for the rest of our lives:) By this time we had our bellys full of delicious paella and other delicacies from the sea... what a dreamday it was. 30 friends and familymembers from Norway came to spend the day with us in Catalonia, together with 30 of Salvas family and friends.

Today has somehow been a bit hard day for me. Starting up with great tiredness, and a heavy feeling in the back.
So, not very ambitious plans about our celebration. The spareribs are in the oven with Hasselbackspotatoes, and the coleslaw is chilling in the fridge:)

fredag 27. april 2012

Dumplings and peppers

This blog starts to look more and more like a foodblog I realize!
The thing is that I work 50% now, which is such a relief. AND the good thing is that I have time for more things that I appreciate doing, like cooking for example.

Since I had the fridge full og red pepper (6 in fact!) I had to sort out something to make from them.
Filled peppers of course.
With naturerice, leek, garlic,onion, cilantro... I improvised as I didnt succeed on finding any interesting recepy.

I also made dumplings with chicken, leek and garlicfilling. My tip is to buy the dumpling "pasta" from an asian shop. Then you only make the filling and steam them for 6-7 minutes. Dip in soyasauce, its delicious!

torsdag 26. april 2012

Yesterdays superdinner!

Yesterday we were 11 people around the table! It was such a great meeting with my best friends from childrenschool and highschool! 2 supergirls are not in the photo unfortunately...
Salva made a spanish starter; escachada with bacalao. And he got very good feedback!
That man puts a lot of effort in the details!

I made a chili con carne a la Jamie Oliver that also turned out quite successful. Lots of cummin and cinnamon and chili of course.
For dessert I baked a lemonmarengpai.

Yesterdays most exquisit detail were the paperplates we ate from:)
How do you otherwise serve a three-course meal when all you have is 10 plates and no dishwasher;)

This is from todays leftover-dinner! Even tastier than yesterday. I just added some naturerice and fresh spinachleaves on the side.


Now off to the kindergarden for a parentsmeeting.

Nice evening to all of you!

mandag 23. april 2012

My kind, kind man:)

Coming home finding this on the kitchenbench:)

Salmasalmon, lemongrass and sesamoseeds...

Kind, kind man I have!

Right now he is picking kids from kindergarden.

I am basically knocked out from another fulltime workday... But this will end. I have taken an important call to my doctor today and he knows what I need right now.

søndag 22. april 2012


You wanna marry me mum??

Of course, I said.

But I have to share him with the girl in the kindergarden obviously...

We went for a picnic with my parents to Solnes on the island. It was such a beautiful day for BBQ and bathing!
Some had a bath on purpose and another fell in the water by accident!
(my mum...) It was soooo funny:)
Luckily the sun dried her up pretty quickly...!

 Marcus found the first "hvitveis" of the year! Those white and yellow flowers are the best proof that spring is FINALLY here!

lørdag 21. april 2012

Saturday night snack

Apple and cinnamon smoothie!

Perfect as a healthy Saturday night snack!

Here is the recepy:
1-2 portions
2 green apples
2 frozen bananas
One" hand" of spianch
1 ts of cinnamon
1 ts gingerpowder or fresh ginger
1 dl of water

Yum, yum... supergood:)

torsdag 19. april 2012

Week 33,5

So, here I am, growing well into my 33rd week of my 3rd pregnancy.
Dressed in black I might not look THAT big, but I feel heavy now.
Short of breath from the smallest thing like walking up the stairs...
Got a letter from the doctor informing that the ferritinlevels were way to low, so now I`m eating irontablets...
That is never funny for your stomach, but I try to quit coffees, have even more c-vitamins and ofcours a lot of spinach! I put spinach even in my smoothies these days:)

 Salva and I are having a date now before I go to work my very LAST afternoon... I still have 3 weeks left, but this is it when it comes to late duties.

Salva will start working fulltime again the 1.of May so now we have to take care of those last opportunities to be just the  two of us.

Have a great day:)

tirsdag 17. april 2012

The food we believe in

We are gradually taking the step into a more concerned and aware attitude towards the positive effects of eating organic and non-processed food.


No Chemical Toxins. The cells in the body change when you feed them with toxins...

More Nutrients. 

It’s Good For the Planet. Conventional farmers deplete their soil until its useless. Eventually we will run out of land to farm. What will happen then?

It’s Not Genetically Modified. By eating genetically engineered crops, we are introducing DNA into our bodies that we’ve never encountered during our millions of years of evolution.
Many of the foods you buy in the supermarket are genetically modified or have genetically modified ingredients in them, especially soy products. Because food manufacturers are not required to tell you this, you have no way of knowing unless you buy certified organic.

Healthier Livestock. Buying certified organic animal products ensures that the animals they came from were raised humanely and were not fed any chemicals, drugs, or hormones. By eating non organic animal products, you are consuming the same chemicals, drugs, and hormones that they did.

No Irradiation.
The purpose of irradiation is to kill pathogens, but the ironic part is that it doesn’t kill all pathogens and certainly destroys most of the food’s good qualities. Irradiation also changes the chemical structure of the molecules within the food and can transform them into mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds that promote cancer.

We do believe that what we eat is very much related with your health status. Of course it is a bit more expensive to eat organic, but imagine all the money and time you can save later in life from staying healthy. That should be in everyones interest. 

Its better to eat healthy than cheap!

Salvador is a bit better than me to think in this way. Growing up in Spain he is used to fresh, seasonal vegetables from the market (not always organic, but always local), fresh fish and meat from the meat/fish store on the corner (!),(NEVER vacuumpacked) and always a fruit for dessert. Very healthy habits.
He buys ecologic eggs and ecologic minced meat from deer. And ALWAYS fresh fish if he doesnt fish it himself;)

I  grew up with a mum cooking food from scratch. We used to have quite some bloodfood I remember. Among them bloody pancakes!! How I loved them with sugar on top. 

With our backgrounds we see the importance of passing this on to Marcus and Adrià. They always assist us at dinnertime, they are curious about food, like to try new things and are quite aware of food. I believe that`s important to avoid that they fall into the fastfoodtrap when they become youngsters later. To many youngsters have poor diets with A LOT of sugar and preservatives in it.

I must also say that I dont really understand when people dont have time to cook. WHY should it be so quick? Give the kids a healthy snack while they wait and let them help with the cooking. It can be such a precious activity to do together. You have the time to talk about the day while you put your love in making a nice meal for your family. That is a loving action indeed. At least how we see it:)
(I will not get religious about it!!).


mandag 16. april 2012

A little treat for me!

It arrived today, and the truth is that I couldnt take another day with that shitty mascara I am currently using!
This little giftbox from contains the solution to my short lashes; YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils! Together with a eyelash curler:)

I am normally not a pink girl, but it was a nice touch to receive the pack with a pink ribbon around it and that the items were rapped in pink paper!

søndag 15. april 2012

Favorite activities

Adriàs life is very much centered around picking worms these days. Those creepy creatures can really make his day...

Marcus is becoming more and more interested in football and controls his kicks better and better. To be honest we are quite proud by how well he kicks that ball! And ofcourse he is a true Barça-fan!
Adrià goes "heia Brann" just to tease him!!

Me... Basically trying to get enough rest these days. And to take care of my own "ball" as good as I can. Today we write week 33!!

lørdag 14. april 2012

Saturday is Saturday

And we are having cardemomebuns for lunch!

Sometimes I cant help dreaming of having my own little bakery...
Would the Spanish people appreciate the norwegian buns as much as I appreciate their croissants???

Today we read...

...this fantastic book by a norwegian author, Jan Deberitz.
Except from a beutiful story the illustrations are amazing.
It is a bit scary, but not enough to keep the kids from wanting to read it over and over again.

Now, we will have homemade buns for lunch and go out for a while! No rain today, johoo!!
Have a great Saturday:)

fredag 13. april 2012


I am a cheeselover.
And I truly miss our evenings in Spain with good seranoham and a selection of matured cheeses...
Looking forward to get baby out now:)

This matured swedish cheese is probably safe for me to eat now. Pasteurized cheese and no spooky bacteriacultures.
The other day I also had unpasteurized parmesan, but obviously it is considerered safe as it is a hard cheese (lower pH and low watercontent) and it is the softer ones that normally contain listeria.

By the way;
baby seems to be supercontent in the belly. The last two days he has been entertaining my collegues with his crazy kicks at lunchtime. The whole belly moving.  What a freakshow!!
I just KNOW he will be a wild one!

torsdag 12. april 2012

Men will be boys?

Coming home from work finding my man playing with this car that the kids got to borrow from a friend in the kindergarden.

Men will be boys... forever.

onsdag 11. april 2012


We are two people with collapse today...
I couldnt go to work this morning. Pregnancyrelated.

Adrià crashed on the kitchenfloor just as we announced "dinner".

mandag 9. april 2012

Easter highlights

Some information to the photos:
It IS important  to look good on your hair for Easter. Luckily grandma had left some of her hairrolls!
Berries are best when they are frozen.
Marcus held a lamb for the first time in his life and was very clever!
The easterhare were nice to the boys and left some goodies in the bushes.
Fun to try a tractor for real!

We have had a great Easter. Some nice weather and great skiing conditions. Both in Aurland and Myrkdalen. Wow, I wish I could do some k's..., but this is not my moment...
I did some sledging with the boys and actually they thought it was fun to RUN after me down the hills. Some people looking strangly at us thinking what a horrible mum I had to be to NOT let my kids sledge...! Haha:)

Combined with snowactivities we have also spent time at my cousins farm flirting with his scottish highland cows and the gorgeous little lambs.
His little 5 year old will take over the farm later (we believe!) and our boys will have to help him out whenever they come on vacation! So  they better get used to animals, shitsmell and tractordriving straight away. And the kids love it ofcourse.

tirsdag 3. april 2012

A preggers biggest hobby

These days I am so much into knitting!
And it is the biggest project since I was 12... It will be a Marius sweater in white, light pink and grey.
I plan to have it ready before the baby is born, and then I can only hope for a cold summer so I get to use it;)

What happens???

Lost the bus again....!!!
I've been cursed by some evil easterhare or something....

Well, luckily we have more quiet days at work for easter. And it seems like my collegues dont really expect me to bee there... They all feel so much pity for me as I walk around like a cow with the belly between my legs.
The fact is that it is pretty hard to be fulltime working these days, but as long as I am there its because I consider I can make it. In my pace.

Well people. I will try to make it to the next bus.

Have a beautiful cold tuesday:)

mandag 2. april 2012

After a bad night...

...comes a bad morning...

I woke up to winterwonderland again... And lost the bus.

Then its good to go home to do crafting for half an hour at least, eventhough its only 6:30...

Hope you have a better morning!

søndag 1. april 2012


Adrià is ready to go out in the snowstorm with Marcus underwear on his head...
By the way, talking about  snowstorm... now the sun is shining again.
Quick changes for sure.
For the better though!


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