onsdag 29. februar 2012

The other day...

...Marcus went nordic skiing for the very first time in his life... and he loved it:)
Such a clever, patient skier! He did uphills, downhills and stragiht forward. And didnt want to go home what so ever.

Wow, I imagine a new Björn Daehli...

Adrià was basically into pulling his sledge and hardly wanted to sit in it.
The rest of the time he spent eating snow and walking around by himself enjoying the peace and harmony a winterlandscape can give you.

A family sledging race is compulsory. Bom, bom, bom downhill on hard snow trimmed the assmuscles a bit at least! And much, much fun:)

lørdag 25. februar 2012

Dinner on a friday.

Spinachsoup with boiled egg:

500 gr fresh spinachleaves,
5 schalotonions,
1 clove of garlic,
1 dice of vegetabel/chickenstock
5 dl water
5 dl creme fraiche
salt and pepper.

Fry onions, garlic and spinach in some oil. Pour on water and creme fraiche and boil for 2 minutes toghether with the dice of stock.
Use a handmixer to make a smooth consistency.

I fried datils with bacon as a little snack on the side. Toghether with "sugarbeans". Delicious:)

onsdag 22. februar 2012

I am really having a soon- to- be- schoolboy??

Wow, I have been to a meeting for parents who have kids starting school this autumn...
Marcus is formally inscribed here and will also be in Spain as we cant really decide where to go on living.

It will be really exciting to see him as a schoolboy wether here or there... He is eager to learn to read and write but we havent worked especially on that at home. He is strong in the preschoolgroup in the kindergarden and that is satisfactory to hear ofcourse.
From his schoolyears in Spain he already knew how to write his name when he was 3.

From now on we should sit down with him and read books while we point out the words we are reading and tell him how they are pronounced.

In Spain we have friends Marcus' age and they already know how to read and write...
I anyway believe that its a bit of wasted time to teach 3 year olds this...
Well, what I mean is that I think it takes less effort when the child is more mature and has an interest himself. And I think 5/6 years must be the right age to emphasize the reading/writing.

As the catalan kids seem to be a horsehead ahead of us, we really have a job to do before we go back. They do capital and small letters, and are even teaching the kids how to bind the small letters together...

For sure it will be a big difference to the kindergarden. Somehow I almost feel pity for the small kids sitting still by a table for hours every day ( I hope its not like that...) with their books...
Norwegian and math will be the most important subjects. I just hope that they will keep on doing experiments and emphasize practical learning.
I also realize that maybe a Waldorf school would fulfill my criterias more...

And what about the SFO? (pre and afterschoolactivities). I guess its good for the kids to socialize and stay with their friends a couple of more hours? And be able to play freely and from their own initiative?
My impression is that most kids stay some hours after school is over. I am still not sure what is better in case one of us is home anyway...
I guess it depends on wether they are joining some afternoonactivity or not.

Right now I would just like him to go on in the kindergarden.
Maybe its just ME not being ready for having a schoolboy...

fredag 17. februar 2012

Curious about the belly???

I realize I havent posted a single photo of my preggerbelly...
I havent fooled you:)

This is me right now, soon entering week 25. Slightly above the curve. It will be another BIG boy I assume.
It grew so much a couple of weeks ago. Until then people at work could hardly tell I was pregnant. Now its like: wow, THATS what I call a belly...!

I feel still very good. I miss feeling quick and light though, but you know, those times will come again. Now I try to focus on the pregnancy (likely the last one for us) and enjoy every little kick:)
I really want to work full time until the last as I havent worked that much the last years.

I have a working weekend ahead of me and inbetween Salvas birthday tomorrow:)
Planning to bake more "fastelavnsboller" but as we already had that yesterday I dont know...

Maybe I´ll just make myself a big cup of hot chocolate and use the leftovers of whipped cream in it;) But first a big bowl of homemade carrotsoup that I´m preparing right now.

Nice weekend to all of you!!

tirsdag 14. februar 2012

Memory from the summer

We`ve just received a disc with a lot of photos from the kindergarden. Plenty of nice photos and its so much fun to see what they are actually doing there. Excursions, experiments and so on.
Marcus is explaining quite a bit about how they are spending the days, but I am so glad to have some photos to accompany his stories.

This photo makes me smile and I think it illustrates the little "luring" that he is:)

mandag 13. februar 2012


Check out this facebook site and like their page!
These great activitycards are the prize in a competition on this blog.

So many super ideas for activities that can be done with your kids, they are also easy to bring along in your backpack when you are travelling.

Last day to join is the 18th of feb!!

fredag 10. februar 2012

mandag 6. februar 2012

House swap this summer???

We have english friends who would like to come and visit us in the summer! Since we are having our baby by that time we will run a bit short of space to offer a family of 4 to stay with us...
Therefore I wonder if anyone is into the idea of houseswapping with this lovely family that has a really charming small house just half an hour drive from Barcelona.

They are looking for a house/flat in Bergen and would also be interested in swapping cars for that period. A couple of weeks or even a month would be interesting. Around june/july/august.

Imagine living in a nice neighbourhood, get the chance to live like a catalan family, get all the "inside" information about where to hang out, shops to visist, restaurants to go to, nearby beaches and the proximity to Barcelona. It could be the dreamsummer:)

You have to be fine with pets as they have a few. A rabbit, a gineapig, and a couple of cats.

They have done houseswapping before and were happy to change house with a french family for two weeks.

Click here to see more of their house!


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