fredag 6. juli 2012


I guess those of you who visit my blog on a regular basis got that we moved to my parents house?
Today we had some friends over for a BBQ and a playdate. Kids playing in the pool, in and out all day long.
We also did a food experiment with one of our guests. Since my mum planted a lot of herbs in the garden, we blindfolded him and let him try salad, parsley, rucola and dill.
Was a bit difficult for a 6-year old to guess correctly though!

(Do you see the buddhist flags Salvador hung up?? He believes that they spread  good luck and happiness, and I just think its sweet that he thinks so!)

Here is some of the food we ate. Couscous salad with sugarpeas, cherrytomatoes, fetacheese and the oil the fetacheese is marinated in.I always boil the couscous with vegetablestock to give some more taste.
The potatoes I boilded until half done. Then I marinated them in virgin oliveoil together with salt, pepper and fresh herbes. Then straight on the BBQ until done (put them on the side so they dont get totally burned...)
Together with this a T-bone steak and entrecote. All premarinated from ICA. The easiest way out but very recomandable:)

Did you have a nice summerday?

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Frulykkelig sa...

Ser ut som en herlig sommerdag! Collagene mine lager jeg i Picasa :)


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