torsdag 5. juli 2012


Yesterday we went to Leo's playland.
It took us no less than 3 hours to get there. 3 buses and a stop at McDonalds for an icecream on the way.
We also headed off in the wrong direction coming of the last bus, and I was about to give up...
(couldnt they give more precise directions???)
But I guess the one suffering more was me.
Kids were just fine picking branches and playing pirates along the road, and for a moment I thought "why go to a playland when the kids are perfectly fine doing just this???".

(I think parents have a tendency to think that kids need so much..., the fact is that they are so grateful creatures. Some water, sticks, branches, mud, sand, and they are having the time of their life.)

The playland was IMMENSE! Like a shoppingmall. I freaked out and realized I would be fulltime busy just trying to track them all the time.
Since there are no adults checking up on your kids, you are fully responsible yourself. So you really have to be there if they hurt themselfes or something.
I managed and there was no one calling for me on the speaker to come and pick hysterically crying boy having lost his mum!

We met an aquaintance and a collegue so the 4 hours we stayed there passed a bit quicker for me as well.

Its a pity that these kind of places only offer crappy food.They have devoted a whole section to candies and small toys and slushes.
And the food you can order is hamburgers, fishfingers, sausages, cupccakes and other kinds of sweets and sodas. I guess I am too much of a food critic, but what about smoothies, some fruit, pastadishes...

Well, I should start my own playland... Always easy to critisize...

When I finally managed to get them out (after bribing with icecream and snacks) we headed home in a taxi straight to the door! Then it was already eight o clock.

To summarize I can say that the kids had a blast, for me it was OK, but not as relaxing as I thought it would be (I even brought a book! Ha, how optimistic can you get???)

So, today we are having a relaxing day at home:) No plans and kids are still in pj`s watching some telly. Sander is trying to get some beautysleep, and I should maybe try to have a shower;)

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Mammarie sa...

Ai..... vi har akkurat begynt å sitte i de der sofaene mens ungene leker. De er da 4 og 6 år og passer litt på hverandre. Likevel må vi med jevne mellomrom sjekke opp yngstedamen. Lekeland er IKKE akkurat avslappende med en sånn liten Adrià vil jeg tro ;)
Jeg blir også gal av den der svære hyllen med snop de har. Ser ikke poenget. Vi pleier å spise før vi går inn, men da er vi der bare 2-2,5 timer.
Ungene dine hadde det nok topp, selv om det sikkert ikke var noen oppladning for mor, hehe.

mona sa...

Veldig enig med deg, hvorfor i all verden kan de ikke selge noe sunn mat på sånne steder?? Irriterer meg grønn over at all mat rettet mot barn er usunn mat, nesten over alt...


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