tirsdag 3. juli 2012

A new day for more drama.

I feel like a dramaqueen writing about all the issues of my little newborn...!
We are FINE!
Its just that we are not used to deal with these kind of things.
Marcus and Adrià were and have always been extremely healthy kids. And as babies we never had any issues with them (well, Marcus had conjunctivis for quite long as a baby).

And this little fellow Sander got it all: chicken pox, allergy to shrimp-flavourd breast milk, milk rash (new of today! ) and dont you believe he has conjunctivities as well??? Just to boost his immunesystem to the maximum;) Haha- NOT.

And his shittingissue is quite a thing: now he shits about every second day and when he does it gets all over the place! Yeah, yeah...!

No wonder I have to drink a beer at night to calm down.

Tomorrow I am taking the 4 of us to a "playland". What are these places called in english??
The WHOLE freaking day. We will even eat splendid dinner there. You can choose from hamburger, chicken nuggets and some other crappy thing. Why can they never serve healthy food in such places??

Anyway, We are gonna have some FUN!

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