søndag 22. januar 2012

We found snow

Did I tell you we got a virus on the computer???
It sucks....

That means; no internet, no music, no phonecalls to Spain...
We are so depending on our computer.

Well, Salva and the boys are travelling to Spain on tuesday and will bring the computer to the doctor there.
Hopefully it will be healthy again;)

Today Salva, Marcus and me had a wonderful morning in the snow just outside Bergen.
We had so much fun skiing and sledging.
It was about 5 years ago since I had my fisherskis on my feet. It was a great feeling to air them again:)

Adria was home with my parents. He has been poor since monday... Fever, diarea, cough...
Poor little thing. I am sure the Spanish sun will help him recover. I still have to wait another twelve days to reach southern latitude.

Well, these days when I am on my own I will start knitting a Marius sweater for myself. Cant wait to start:)


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