tirsdag 17. april 2012

The food we believe in

We are gradually taking the step into a more concerned and aware attitude towards the positive effects of eating organic and non-processed food.


No Chemical Toxins. The cells in the body change when you feed them with toxins...

More Nutrients. 

It’s Good For the Planet. Conventional farmers deplete their soil until its useless. Eventually we will run out of land to farm. What will happen then?

It’s Not Genetically Modified. By eating genetically engineered crops, we are introducing DNA into our bodies that we’ve never encountered during our millions of years of evolution.
Many of the foods you buy in the supermarket are genetically modified or have genetically modified ingredients in them, especially soy products. Because food manufacturers are not required to tell you this, you have no way of knowing unless you buy certified organic.

Healthier Livestock. Buying certified organic animal products ensures that the animals they came from were raised humanely and were not fed any chemicals, drugs, or hormones. By eating non organic animal products, you are consuming the same chemicals, drugs, and hormones that they did.

No Irradiation.
The purpose of irradiation is to kill pathogens, but the ironic part is that it doesn’t kill all pathogens and certainly destroys most of the food’s good qualities. Irradiation also changes the chemical structure of the molecules within the food and can transform them into mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds that promote cancer.

We do believe that what we eat is very much related with your health status. Of course it is a bit more expensive to eat organic, but imagine all the money and time you can save later in life from staying healthy. That should be in everyones interest. 

Its better to eat healthy than cheap!

Salvador is a bit better than me to think in this way. Growing up in Spain he is used to fresh, seasonal vegetables from the market (not always organic, but always local), fresh fish and meat from the meat/fish store on the corner (!),(NEVER vacuumpacked) and always a fruit for dessert. Very healthy habits.
He buys ecologic eggs and ecologic minced meat from deer. And ALWAYS fresh fish if he doesnt fish it himself;)

I  grew up with a mum cooking food from scratch. We used to have quite some bloodfood I remember. Among them bloody pancakes!! How I loved them with sugar on top. 

With our backgrounds we see the importance of passing this on to Marcus and Adrià. They always assist us at dinnertime, they are curious about food, like to try new things and are quite aware of food. I believe that`s important to avoid that they fall into the fastfoodtrap when they become youngsters later. To many youngsters have poor diets with A LOT of sugar and preservatives in it.

I must also say that I dont really understand when people dont have time to cook. WHY should it be so quick? Give the kids a healthy snack while they wait and let them help with the cooking. It can be such a precious activity to do together. You have the time to talk about the day while you put your love in making a nice meal for your family. That is a loving action indeed. At least how we see it:)
(I will not get religious about it!!).


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mona sa...

Veldig enig med deg! Selv om vi ikke alltid er like flinke til å handle økologisk, så lager vi ihvertfall nesten all mat fra bunnen av. Selv hadde jeg en del år hvor jeg mesket meg med fastfood, men nå er det veldig sjeldent. Jeg er såpass opptatt av at barna skal ha et godt kosthold, og da blir det jo naturlig til at man spiser mer ordentlig mat selv også :)

Anonym sa...

heeei gordi
Så stor fin mage du har fått - som tiden flyr!!!
Her nyter vi sol, men lite varme om dagen, syrinen og morelltreet blomstrer som bare det, mens jeg har måtte finne fram en litt fora jakke igjen...
Ellers står det bare bra til - tia flyr, men nå gjentar jeg meg sjøl igjen;-)
Klem fra meg

Anonym sa...

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