mandag 19. januar 2009

Whats love about????

"Love at first sight... Do you really think thats what love is all about? No, that's a fantasy...Love and marriage are about work and compromise. They're about seeing someone for what he is, being dissapointed, and deciding to stick around anyway. They're about commitment and comfort, not some kind of sudden, hysterical recognition. As soon as LIFE happens, the magic will disappear and you'll be left with nothing. You can't count on magic..."
Hva syns dere? Stemmer det?
Fra boken "Love and other impossible pursuits".

Jeg er enig, men det er jo veldig kjekt naar man vel opplever kjaerlighet ved foerste blikk da:)

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Fitness Integral sa...

That is a great quote! Good timing for me to read that. :)


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