mandag 24. november 2008

Today my father got back to work and my mother was also busy with things so me and Marcus had actually quite some time alone. We were as usual playing with the train and the animals! I was feeling really tired since me and mom were watching a late movie last night and afterwards sitting up talking...
We made a small trip outside with the trolley and that was quite a challenge since the snow is still all along the roads... And fighting my way back to my parents house was quite a workout:)
In the afternoon we went to see my lovely friend Kristine and her to beautiful twinsons Eirik and Sondre! Marcus liked all the funny toys they had, and was even watching Karius&Baktus on DVD (that was more to facilitate a conversation between K and me!).
Came also back home with my bag full of nice woolen clothes for M, all inherited from E&S! Thanx Kristine:)

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