søndag 23. november 2008

Hot chocolate in the snow!

Today we woke up to another lovely winterday, this is almost to good to be true! Cant believe I am in Bergen:)

We decided to bring hot chocolate and sandwitches to the lovely bay where my mother normally goes swimming the whole year... huff, huff... Today though she was not prepared for giving us the pleasure to see her dive into the water!

It was cold, the morning temperature was -3 degrees. Tough for us "catalans", hehe!

But it proves that picnic can be done the whole year, its just a matter of good clothing!

We even met a guy who was gonna take a small trip with his cayak. It looked so beautiful when he smoothly paddled away from the bay into the low wintersun. I felt like buying one right there and then!

Marcus even tried to walk on the ice in a small waterpool, he was really like Bambi on the ice. Totally out of control, but having lots of fun:)

After struggling with the challenges of the winterweather he took a looong siesta while I was having a break with a nice book! After dinner he demanded his uncle to join in the game and they were having some real qualitytime together on the livingroomfloor playing with the train and the animals! Nice to see how he connects to relatives he doesnt see too often:).

Right now he is totally soaked in BarneTV with his grandparents sitting around explaining stuff about what they see. Now he is clapping his hands because an elephant was walking on a line!

We are really having a nice, relaaaaaxing time here!

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