lørdag 22. november 2008


So, we arrived safe and sound in Bergen yesterday night, and what a welcome!! Fabulous winterweather:) It was snowing and blowing and Marcus had a blast:) He was laughing from the moment he stepped outside the airport and until we arrived to my parents house! He found it hilarious with the snow!! He had only seen snow in the movie about Postman Pat, but never explored it for real! And what a bliss! Eventhough he found it a bit cold!

When iaia Mimmi talked him into tasting the snow, it seemed liked he had discovered a new delicacy!! He literally dipped his head into the snow to eat more of it!

After a hike in the little hill behind the house, the whole family participated in the project of making snowman-Kalle! With datils and carrot as respectively eyes and nose Kalle turned into something more like a real person and Marcus was a bit scepticle to get too close:). Precautious as he is!!

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Fitness Integral sa...

Yes! I like it that you go to Norway so I can understand your blogs. :) What fun to introduce Marcus to snow for the first time. Kalle looks great too. Your blog looks really nice. I love the pictures. Miss you here in Banyoles.




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