lørdag 29. november 2008

X-mas-light party & Peppercakecity!

Today we took another trip to town to look at the fabulous "peppercakecity" that hundreds of kindergardenkids have prepared. This has been a tradition in Bergen for as many years I can remember and is a huge success for kids and also their parents. Marcus really enjoyed and was saying "tren pinxo" everytime the toytrain passed through the peppercakecity.
It was a bit hard though for him to understand the concept of "only looking, no touching" and a couple of times his hands were about to grab a piece of peppercakehouse, peppercakecar or you name it:)
Afterwards we met friends in a cafe and Marcus was adorable as always! After eating a little bit he fell asleep and left the grown-ups to have a continuous and nice talk; thanx Marcus:).

At 16:00 (already dark of course!) it was time for the annual lightning of the trees surrounding the little Lungegårds-lake. All the adults got one "burning stick" each and kids got peppercakes and cinnamonrolls! We were singing x-mas-songs and it was quite a nice atmosphere even though it started raining a little bit. Not enough to ruin the atmosphere:).
After the songs it was the moment for the spectacular fireworks! I could not remember that there would be fireworks and got a bit surprised and the heart made a jump when I heard the first "bang". Marcus also reacted by coming running towards me, to seek comfort. But basically we just laughed and had a great time watching the nice colours and formations of the fireworks!
Beautiful! I am really like a child when it comes to these things!!

This evening we had "pinnekjøtt" (norwegian traditional x-mas food) for dinner:) Lovely! I feel still very full and very pleased:) Marcus also ate like crazy; the meat was replaced with nice sausage, a bit easier to eat.
He had a great time playing with "uncle" afterwards and also iaia and iaio were joining the game.
Already 20:30 he was devastated and literally begged to be put to bed... Poor child! So much stilulance can be hard to handle for a little 2-year old! But he is just so fantastic:) We just love him so much!

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