onsdag 26. november 2008

Today we woke up to a rainy Bergen... It was really cloudy and dark, very different from these other days we have had here. But this is actually the typical Bergenweather I prepared for when we decided to make the trip to here! So, no bad feelings.
We went to see my colleeges at Haukeland hospital were I used to work. I made it a surprise! Very nice to see them all again! They all thought Marcus had gotten so big! That is exactly what we also realized and thats why we are now expecting this other baby in some months! Kids are just so adorable and lovely. And Marcus was in a great mood and charmed them all:)

Afterwards I took him to the local mall to by some small stuff for Marcus x-mas calender. We ent straight to the toyshop and we spent some time there looking at different stuff, and maybe I lost focus on the purse and the trolley for some seconds... Unfortunately I dont have eyes in the neck, because when I took the things to the cashier I realized that my wallet was gone... The first time to happen in my life... But quite annoying. So we went straight home, I ran to the phone to close my VISA-card, calling to the traffic-section to make appointment for getting new driverslicence etc... NOT FUNNY...Luckily I didnt have much cash.

After all I feel quite ok, I am not too upset and irritated. Its not worth spending too much energy on these things.

Right now iaia Mimmi is enjoying Marcus company. They are playing ghosts and trying to frighten me... oh, really scary, just look at the photos.. They are a bit creepy, especially where you can see his face through the blanket!
Its soon time for Barne-TV and we are gonna get together in the sofa and cuddle and watch it together:)

Hope you are all fine!

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