onsdag 27. juni 2012

Africa and chicken pox...

You remind me of Africa was a comment I got in the kindergarden this morning carrying Sander in the Mobywrap.
Well, Go Africa I wanted to say then. There are many things to learn from Africa.
There is nothing more genius as a wrap to carry your baby in. All the time with you, smelling your skin, your milk, your heartbeat. Our little Sander maybe is such a calm kid due to just this fact; his is carried almost all the time and sleeps like he was drugged!
I regret so much that we didnt carry Marcus around with us like this. But we were not that "alternative" (!) back then...

By the way; I have discovered something that looks misteriously like chicken pox on his leg... Iiiiik.
But there's only one and he doesnt have fever. We just have to check carefully how this develops.
Is there a limit, like there has to be at least 20 to call it chicken pox for real?

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