lørdag 9. juni 2012

It was long time since I had a glass of cava!

Saturday night, football and a glass of Cava with blue cheeses and nice ham!
Didnt really miss it that much while I was pregnant, but Oh My how good it is:)

Sander is such a sleepytroll. He sleeps the whole day, and while I wonder if something is wrong (!), Salvador thinks its just optimal;)

We have had a great day with my parents visiting. They always bring with them nice food and today we arranged the dinner outside on the terasse. Beef stroganoff and rhubarb-pai for dessert!

Sander joined us in his cradle!
The sun is good for his skin which is sligthly yellow.

Now, back to Sander, Salva and football:)

5 kommentarer:

Camilla sa...

Herlig, og gratulerer! At han er rolig og sover, betyr vel at dere vil slippe kolikk? Fin overgang for de andre to, da... Før han sikkert begynner å kreve sin mor og fat.

Camilla sa...


Vigdis sa...

Mmmm! Nyt cavaen din du :)

Anonym sa...

Så nå har du fått minstemann! Gratulerer!

mona sa...

Så herlig med cava og sovebaby :) Bare nyt det!!


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