fredag 29. juni 2012

I felt like the worst mum in the world...

"he has got more rashes, a different kind of rash!" I exclaimed to Salvador this morning. Quite stressed. I didnt like what I saw... All over Sanders little body... a red rash in the skin (like redwine rash that some people get from redwine..), very different from the chicken pox that he has.

I freaked out a bit as the doctor told me yesterday to be VERY aware of ANY change in the skin, general condition, fever etc...
The doctor would like to see us straight away, and I just got to brush my teeth before heading out almost running with Sander in the wrap...

"well, I see... hmm... " was the doctors opinion. "havent really seen anything like this in such a small kid before...". She called the pedriatrician and they told us to get to the hospital right away.
Can you understand the drama and stress inside of me???
A newborn with chicken pox and complications on that? Seriously, that would be my worst nightmare. And these things just dont happen to us.

Finally there (after waiting for a taxi for an hour) we met a nurse, a doctor and another doctor.
Confirming again that he has chicken pox (poor little thing) and trying to figure out the other rash.
"Did you eat anything special the last days? they asked me.
Like I can even remember if I had a shower this morning?
Then they started listing things... "shrimps?, did you have that?"...

Oh MY!
YES, I did...2 days ago, and how I enjoyed them...! Not sacrifising a thought that it could cause my little angel any harm.

So... Litlle angel is therefor now diagnosed with chicken pox AND allergic reaction to shrimps!!
He is fine except for the rash. No fever, he eats and shits well, though struggling a bit with the shitting. But at least it comes out bigtime. We even had to steal a sheet from the hospital to cover his shitspots on the pj...!

Well, a hell of a morning, but we are happy to be back home, safe and sound.
He sleeps quietly and I will start to wash the last rooms before we move tomorrow.

Hope your day so far has been a bit better than ours:)

2 kommentarer:

siddisisalou sa...

Lykke til videre, dette kommer til å gå kjempebra.

mona sa...

Stakkars lille, og stakkars mammaen!! Men ikke ha dårlig samvittighet, du kunne jo ikke ane at han ikke skulle tåle reker.. Masse god bedring!!


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