mandag 25. juni 2012


Lovely weather allowed for a lunch outdoor in the city.
Cafe Opera is a place that we often come back to. I dont know exactly why but it just seems like a natural choice for all of us. We have been hanging out here since we were students and its where you can spot some of the Bergen celebrities;)
Last time I was there Helge Jordal was dining next to us, and today he was passing by on his bike!

Sander was sleeping all the time (as usual). Cant complain about that kid for sure.
But he has more awaken periods now. Especially in the evenings. Then he shows us his precious blue eyes (seems like he will have them blue!) and keeps us company for a couple of hours. So when the two others are sleeping its time for the third one to wake up;)

Now, a Clausthaler and some tv with the man:)

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