mandag 18. juni 2012

Old photos

I have been going through my folder fpapers and among all the papers I found some photos!
These are from a girltrip to the Greek Islands in 1995 I think...
We met a couple of Danish guys in Paros and one of them wanted to cut my hair (!).
Why not, I thought.
He brought with him a pair of scissors to the beach, and me a bottle of beer.
The result was more or less like this.
(I had to visit the hairdresser to fix it a little bit afterwards...!)

The photos were taken by a socalled professional :)
And I remember I was sooo embarassed to get undressed in a narrow street were tourist passed by every now and then during the shooting;)

Anyway, they are nice memories and I we have so many funny memories from this trip!

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mona sa...

Morsomt!! Jeg skjønner at du ikke er av de som er livredd for håret ditt ihvertfall, hihi :)


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