lørdag 23. juni 2012

Curry and the life with 3 kiddos

I really love indian food...
And I couldnt help but having a few bites of spicy marinated chicken...

We will see how Sander is handling his "spicy afternoon milk" later on.

My boys are very curious boys and ask a lot about the meaning of things. So I never get to have a chat with a friend without a lot of interruptions about the meaning of words, or what do I mean about that, or some other things that just pop up in their minds just then; like: "mum, why dont we make a timemachine?" .

The day without Salva at home has been pretty good because of the visit. But I was about to go CRAZY for a while when they couldnt let me breastfeed without trying to give hugs and kisses to Sander. And we are talking kissing ... Adrià is an expert on french kissing and also on cowkisses... Those were his tongue goes all around Sanders face and makes him really wet and full of saliva...
They are very eager to get his attention all the time, and its so hard to understand that they have to be very gentle.
I feel like a bitch talking loud and strict to them, but I get frustrated and have to protect the small one from his extremly loving bigbrothers.

I also got quite pissed with Adrià when he got jeaulous about Sander  and threw a dead insect that he found in the house on us while I was breastfeeding. I found it so disgusting and told him to throw it straight away, but he just went on, throwing that dead insect on us...

And then he just decided to go out, all by himself, in the rain, in only short pants... Without telling even. I dont like when they do that, as we live on the second floor and the carroad is pretty close.
But at least he reminded me on the laundry that was getting wet in the rain, and he was very helpful to get it in with me:)
And then I will try to forget about the shit I got under my nail when I was wiping his ass later on. MY GOD, how grose. Luckily I didnt confuse it for peanutbutter that I am totally hooked on these days.

Harmony is in the house now as Salva just arrived. Sander is sleeping on his chest, Marcus and Adrià in the bathtubs, and soon there will be some relaxing tv for them. Then we will call it a day for them, and me and Salva will cheer for Spain tonight.

Have you had a nice day??

3 kommentarer:

Camilla sa...

Ja. Det var en god beskrivelse av en lang fridag med barn... Kjenner til den.

God lørdag!

Tonje sa...

Å. Du er en hverdagshelt. Haha, barn er herlige - men jammen er det mye rart de finner på. Det er nå kjekt at de er så glad i lillebror, selv om det kan bli voldsomt iblandt.
Her er det St. Hans feiring med hele nabolaget, med telt på fotballbanen, grilling, hoppeslott og bål. Voksenfesten starter klokken ni, skal bli kjekt å bli kjent med noen naboer :)
Håper freden har senket seg i huset ditt, ha en nydelig kveld, søte du.

Klem fra Tonje

mona sa...

Hihi, herlig beskrivelse!! Kjenner meg igjen i det meste, selv om vi bare har to..


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