onsdag 27. juni 2012


I regret to say that we are 100% sure that Sander has got chicken pox...
More and more red dots are appearing as time goes and some are already swollen and quite red.
I dont like this.
So far he still doesnt have any fever. Thats good.
Normally newborn get away with it pretty easily, BUT  in some rare occasions they can get complications like encephalitis...

Sander doesnt seem to be too troubled. He has eaten and slept just as normal and has been quite a bit awaken and satisfied as well. Anyway we have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning, hopefully he can tell us that we dont have to worry for anything.
Shit, I feel a bit nervous I must say. This was not exactly the kind of start of his life I was wishing for.
I guess I am exaggerating and that its just normal for a mum to worry a bit too much for her kids.

2 kommentarer:

Mariann sa...

Uff da Heidi. Skjønner at du blir bekymret.. Men de er noen tøffinger disse miniene, proppa med deilig morsmelk som beskytter de.. Håper doktoren kan berolige deg mer i morgen,så krysser jeg fingrene for dere så lenge. Stor klem fra meg.

guro sa...

Huff, god bedring....Skjønner at du blir bekymret, vi mammaer har lett for det. Så blir nok godt å få snakket med en lege og høre at dere kan ta det med ro. Vi snakkes


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