søndag 17. juni 2012

Sweater is done:)

My first (and last?) Marius sweater is finally done:)

It is not a piece of perfection, but I am quite satisified.
My mum helped me with the last rows at the top as I didnt manage to finish it before Sander was born.
The arms are slightly baggy (as I made them size small and the rest of the sweater is xs), but who cares???
I feel proud og my sweater and will use it a lot.

4 kommentarer:

Frulykkelig sa...

WOW! Fantastisk nydelig, imponert!

mammaKine sa...

Wow! Flinka!! Knallfin genser. Be proud

Inger-Lise sa...

Kjempefin var den. Kul fargekombinasjon!
Flinkis!! :)

siddisisalou sa...

Kjempefin ! Og flotte farger - litt anderledes enn det vi er pleier å se.


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