fredag 15. juni 2012

Little boy turns big too quickly

Our little Marcus is getting big way to quickly.
(we want to make Bonsai of all of our 3 kids...)

This is from yesterdays summerparty.
Marcus is one of four soon-to-be-schoolkids and received a medal for that!!
They made a small ceremony for them and held small speeches for each one.
For Marcus they said something like:
"You should look long for a more happy and satisfied boy. You love walking in the forest and you get easily fascinated by anything that walks or crawls around. 
You are a very helpful child and you have an immense fantasy...
We will miss you a lot when you go to Spain, good luck with school and your new life there".

How sweet:)

We couldnt be more proud of you, Marcus!!

2 kommentarer:

ELIN sa...

Ble helt rørt jeg nå he he. Sånn er det sikkert for deg også som stolt mamma :) Klemmer fra Elin

siddisisalou sa...

Rørende at alle fikk en liten tale !
Han kommer nok til å savne kompisene sine, men finner nok raskt noen nye tenker jeg. Hva tid flyttere dere ?


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