fredag 1. juni 2012


I woke up this morning with a strong eager:

Take the bus to the city and buy myself a softicecream:)

I just have to obey myself these days. Otherwise it might give me bad energy and that is not recomendable before a delivery. So I am very kind to myself right now!

What I didnt think of is that you have to be a true viking to be able to have a softicecream while the northwind penetrates your bones and marrow...
And that the search for the perfect icecreamplace might give you sore feet while you walk around...

I was considering a hot coffee for a little while but on the other hand I didnt want to give in on the icecreamdream I had.

So, there I ended up, in a "charming" Big Bite fast food cafè with my softicecream in a cone with daim-spread on it.
40 kroner of happiness:)
And a shelter to hide from the cold, cold, wind.
I had to share table with a family on strike.
The kids wondered if I had just ate a hell of a lot of icecream or if I was having a baby VERY soon.

I told them I had just had a lot of icecream lately.

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