lørdag 16. juni 2012

Early morning.

Isnt it typical??
Those evenings you stay up a biiit longer than usual, you can bet on kids waking up earlier than usual the next morning.
Its like a penalty for having had a great time;)

Our dinner yesterday was a mix of cheeses and bisquits, some grilled meat, a pizza with aubergine and zuccini and grilled potatoes!
Spanish wine:) And some homemade drinks for those who could have that!
(that is; not me!)

We took the best out of maybe the last evening of summer in this city...
Now it will rain for a week. Yeah, we really missed the rain;)

Have a beautiful Saturday everyone!

1 kommentar:

Gøril sa...

Det så utrolig koselig ut. Fullkommen lykke!


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