tirsdag 19. juni 2012

How to spend the days?

Sander goes on being sleepy during daytime..
But something changed the last two nights.
He used to sleep through nights as well (perfect for me!), but now he wakes up and is troubled by something...
Its not like he wants to eat a lot either.
I have been thinking about my diet lately, and hopefully I am to blame.
We had a spanish escachada yesterday for lunch and its pretty full of raw onion... And for dinner  I made some light spicy indian...
Seems like you never get to be an expert... Not even on the 3rd child.
Have to start using my brain before I stuff my mouth full:)

I also have som issues about how to spend my days...
And while I think about that I make muffins:)
These ones were just great. Seriously; GREAT!!
They are made with oatmeal (havregryn).

Recepy here.
(I used banana instead of apples, I always get good results with banana, they get creamier.)

I have also had some time to start going through my closet...
Djizzes, I think I deserve a total makeover soon.
New hair and clothes, thankyou;)

Anyone in Bergen who would like to get rid of clothes in size 36??
We could do a little exchange in that case!
As most of you know, I LOVE recicling:)

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siddisisalou sa...

Nydelig foto !
Mors mat har mer å si for babymagen enn vi vil innrømme. Jeg måtte legge flere ting på hyllen til ammingen var over, blandt annet løk og paprika. Men so what !!!!


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