lørdag 30. juni 2012

Moving, part 2.

Cant really believe that we are in the middle of a moving...
I dont get to do much alone with my 3 little fellows. Little prince demanding here with me is troubled with his shitting (he hasnt slept since he woke up around 7.30) Adrià wants to help with the washing (I really aprreciate your initiative sweetie, but today it really has to look CLEAN after the washing...!), and Marcus is watching way to much telly...!

I try to keep my head calm and tell myself we have an ocean of time to fix everything before the new person moves in tomorrow.
We will make it somehow!

2 kommentarer:

siddisisalou sa...

Dette klarer du kjempefint - det har bare toppet seg litt for deg !

Anonym sa...

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