torsdag 14. juni 2012

Oh no...

Coming home from the summerparty, getting kids ready for a shower, I realize it...
Seems like Marcus has got chicken pox.

So now what??
He will stay home with me and Sander for the next week I guess...
That must be the best way to protect my newborn from this disease. NOT.

Feeling rather frustrated right now.

Marcus had his vaccine in Spain, but I just read that a vaccination doesnt give 100% protection, which does a real chicken pox infection.
On the other hand, since I had it as a child, Sander should be safe as he receives my antibodies.

Feeling slightly calmer now...

1 kommentar:

Stine sa...

Da får vi håpe ditt imunforsvar fremdeles hjelper Sander litt!!! Går nok bra skal du se!!! Vakker familie du har nå altså!! ;)


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