torsdag 10. mai 2012

Always fun to pick the kids in the kindergarden

"Mum, dont look, dont look... Ok, NOW you can look"!!!
 Haha, always fun to pick them up at the kindergarden:)

My pain in the ass has been just terrible today...
It must be a squeezed nerve..
I would have lost a race with a turtle or a snail, I am sure.
My collegues felt bad for me, and let me have a loooong "farewell cake and muffin"-party with the section where I worked earlier. That was so nice. I brought homemade blueberrymuffins and another "buncake". They gave me a beautiful orchide and a farewellcard... I almost started crying...

It doesnt matter that I have taken plenty of goodbyes the last years... Its nothing that I get used to. Spending hours and hours with theses people, discussing life and trivialties have made me become more and more found of them....
My sweet, sweet collegues...

Now they all have to come and visit in Spain:)

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