lørdag 12. mai 2012

Checlist before going to the hospital for delivery

1) Some snack, something to eat. (ok, last time we brouhgt some nuts, water they have in the hospital).
2)Extra t-shirts for your partner. (Salva doesnt sweat, and seriously, its not THAT warm in Bergen yet. Might consider a woolen sweater instead...)
3)Lunchbag for your partner. (No way he will sit down and take a break while I am in labour... Sorry Sam, but I will need you to be my instant assistant, no breaks allowed).
4)  A morning gawn. ( Really necessary??? Why make my own dirty and create more laundry for myself when I finally come home? No, I`ll rather use those beautiful ones that you get in the hospital).
5)Pyjama... (I consider the hospital clothes for a pyjama. Why bring my own?)
6) Sweaters (in plural...? I dont mess that  much?)
7)2-3 breastfeeding bras... (will I get more breasts?)
8)Indoorshoes (ok, not too practical to walk around in winterboots or in the socks... after all its a hospital)
9) Toothbrush and toothpaste! (OFCOURSE!! Just wondering why they actually have to tell us THIS???)
10) Papertowels (ah, how lucky I am to have work in a hospital, KNOWING that there will be plenty of paper there to wipe my nose or any other part of the body). I am SO NOT bringing this.
11)Hairdryer (I am not going to a spa or a party, and after delivering it would be a pity if I cared that much about my own appearance to even think of bringing this object)
12) Drinkbottle (I find it totally OK to drink from a glass.)
13) Books and magazines (after just having delivered my baby I think my mind will be very much focused on just the baby and not allow any other gossip or conspirationtheory occupy my brain)
14) Hobbystuff (bring my scrapbookthings??? That would be another suitcase...)
15)Mobilephone, charger, camera and healthcard. (Obviously)
16) Babyclothes, babysocks and a blanket ( yeah, yeah, thats the reason for being in the hospital, we wouldnt forget that...)

What a ridiculous list. Most things are obvious. I think we would have managed very well just using common sence.

 (Boys at teatime today. Fresh ginger with lemonjuice and honey, yummie. By the way, they have played like CRAZY with the dinosaurs!! What a FINN-success once again!)

2 kommentarer:

Mammarie sa...

Hahaha, hårtørker?? Og ekstra t-skjorter til mannen? Djisus.

siddisisalou sa...

Den sjekklisten skal jeg helst ikke kommentere tror jeg. Men fotoet av de søte små var bare helt nydelig. Plaster på kinnet og tutten nœr .... nydelige gutter !


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