tirsdag 8. mai 2012

Spontanious dinner with the neighbours!

How practical to have the dinner prepared when we returned from the kindergarden?
Met the neighbours in the door and just invited them straight up to an informal dinner in our flat, just like that.
Supernice and it gives you a kind of weekendfeeling to do something like that on a weekday:)
The chili sin carne turned out really good!

Now kids are watching Star Wars with Salva and I am chilling! Nice to be TOTALLY off work tomorrow; I have a doctors appointment in the morning and it will be superinteresting to see if he can find out how the baby is situated in the belly... I am NOT sure that he is with the head down yet... I feel way to many kicks in the sides, and not agains my ribbones (as with Adrià). It is always good to be mentally prepared for a delivery with the ass first if he is not fixed...

I hope that if he has the slightest doubt he will give me an appointment with a midwife in the hospital. This pregnancy I havent been to the midwife a single time as everything has looked so normal and I have felt supergood.
Typical that I start to feel nervous now and wish I had gone to one earlier... There is just SUCH a long line to get one now....

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