onsdag 9. mai 2012



Hihi, funny photos!
To compare the bellys and hairstyles... Oh my God.. I am so NOT supposed to have a fringe...!

I am now in week 36,5 with my 3rd child.
The other photo is from my pregnancy with nr 2, 37 weeks pregnant!!
I see that todays belly has to get much lower...

Uff, I feel like a whale:)

The pain I experienced earlier today is almost gone! The doctor thought it might come from a quick movement or excessive carrying or activity. I also believe so. Actually I carried Adrià to the bus yesterday... And he is not a light kid.

So, I will try to take it a bit easier the next days. Cool down and rest when I can... How boooooring.

Now, heading to the kindergarden!

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BareSol sa...

Jeg har vært litt ute av blogglandia, men veldig koselig å finne tilbake til bloggen din igjen!! Høygravid er du jo også, gratulerer så mye :)

Følger deg videre!

Klem Julie (tidligere EndeligMamma)


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