onsdag 23. mai 2012

Its a shame to complain...

But my superpregger body just dont handle this heat very well...
Djeezes, I am hot, hot, hot.
It feels like we skipped spring and went straight from winter to summer.

I have been in town for hours walking around. It was the opening of the Bergen "Festspill" and a lot of people gathered at Torgalmenningen. Ballons and orchestras.
Normally I would probably think, oh, what a nice atmosphere, but today I just got annoyed because I had to take so many "longcuts" to get around all the people.
Couldnt they just carry me over, those strong policemen?? Be gentlemen??? :)
Somehow I also feel that people laugh and smile at my belly. Its like its to big to be true...Am I just getting paranoid?  I so want him to get out now...

I am a bit irritated at myself for having spent so much energy, and now I feel dehydrated and swollen. And NOW starts my afternoon with the kids. Salva is working afternoonshift today and just left the building.
A good friend is coming over though to pick up some babyclothes that I have sorted out for her.
I got so much the other day, so there is plenty to share.

I have made a pasta carbonara that we will have on the terasse!
Crossing my fingers that the small trolls behave nicely, otherwise I will become a monstermum I fear...!

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