tirsdag 15. mai 2012

What to dress my newborn in for leaving the hospital?

The other day we got the delivery of babyclothes from a former collegues of mine!
How great it is to inherit clothes and equipment. That is something I really "burn" for, if I can put it like that.
Clothes hardly used, maybe they have already kept several newborns warm. That is also a nice thought!

I have gone through about everything, but this cute set sticks out as the one we will use to bring our newborn home from the hospital. Its from "name it", light blue, cotton, and loose around the waist.
Pants are size 50 so I just hope our petit will not be more than 50-a-few cm...
Anyway they dont stretch out their bodies totally, so I guess it will be fine anyway.

Cute, right?

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