fredag 18. mai 2012

We got some eggs

In the basket of food for the 17th of May-buffet yesterday, were a couple of very special eggs...

They were eggs to put in water (lukewarm) for 12-24 hours.. Then something surprising would happen...

Ah, how to make time pass...
They already waited the whole night...
Come on eggs...

So, whats any better than spending a few hours in a beautiful forest nearby splashing in the waterpools? 

And then getting your reward when returning home!!
A "newborn" dinosaur!!

(Adrià lost his egg on the floor and a tiny crocodile  was his little surprise!)

A great toy from the Bergen Science center!
The biggest challenge is to teach your kids to have the patience!
But then, when it fianlly happend you should have heard Marcus. So enthusiastic, shouting it out!

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