mandag 7. mai 2012

Healthy and ecologic dinnertip

When I search for dinnertips and ecologic in norwegian I dont find much....
Therefore I thought I would come with a healthy and ecofriendly dinnersuggestion.
And its WITHOUT fish or meat!!

Its incredible how people in this country believe that EVERY dinner has to contain etiher fish or meat. What about just vegetables???
In the old days meat and fish were not everyday food. Well, depending on where you lived of course. But my point is that if we eat more vegetables than we can rather afford buying good quality meat/fresh fish a few days a week.

So, yesterday we had for dinner:

Fusilli Eco (from Kiwi). They were also integral. Apart from that I fried one yellow onion, one aubergine and a couple of garlics. I fried it in oliveoil, added a can of crushed tomatoes, a little bit of thyme and salt (tiny bit of sugar for the tomatoes), and grated parmesan on the top. That was it.

A perfect dinner that doesnt leavy you with a "rock"-feeling in your belly.

Cheap and health. Cant get any better!

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