mandag 28. mai 2012

Hmm, something going on?


My stomach is NOT right, I feel nauseaus, no apetite, no energy.
Either I am getting the stomachflue... or this is something related to delivering...

I felt supergreat before my former 2 deliveries. No physical sign. It just happende like that, breaking the water at 03:00... with both.

Unfortunately Salvador is working today as well, so I am letting my kids turn into tv-slaves for the occasion.

Sun is shining beautifully outside the window, we' ll head down to the garden i a bit.
Low abitionlevel for the day.

Thinking of the delivery I realize that I feel anxious.... It s like I dont wanna go through it.
Dont want to experience the pain. I will work on my attittude today, I did so well with Adrià, so I know I have the "force" within me to make it a positive experience.
I dont know, I guess certain days you just feel disillusioned...

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