lørdag 12. mai 2012

The earlybirds

Me and Adrià were the first ones up this morning.
I would say that then everything is just like usual!

He comes running into our bedroom every morning and crawls in with us.
How cosy is that?

Marcus normally sleeps longer.
Adrià is just like me, food is the first thing he thinks of in the morning:)

So, we made our oatporridge made on fullmilk with lemonpeel and honey.
Adrià even wants it covered with different kinds of seeds and a little bit of butter and cinnamon on top!
Healthy start of a beautiful Saturday. Sun is shining in the windows, joho!

1 kommentar:

mona sa...

Koselig!! Håper ryggen din er bedre igjen!? Fortsatt god helg :)


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