torsdag 31. mai 2012

Domestic rollercoaster

We didnt have anything better to do, so we both jumped on the domestic rollercoaster!
Its incredible how many things you get to do...

You know, you start in one corner picking some toys, they bring you to the kids room, you realize its a bit too dusty there so you bring out the vaccumcleaner, then you start seeing dust EVERYWHERE, and why not vacuum the whole flat while you are already on the move.
And then you bring out the carpets for a good ventilation, and you think why not start a laundry when you are few footsteps away from the washing machine....
And it goes like that...
Quite fascinating in a way, because its not the most organized way, but you still get to do so much!

And the feeling is so nice afterwards!  To sit down with a coffee and the newest Mamma-magazine in a nicesmelling house!

Its like the shower after exercise:)

I am reading about the "suburbrefugees"!
Those who believed that a life with kids had to be lived in the suburbs, but that longed back to the smell of asfalt, the noise from the tram, the possibility of buying themselves a coffee on the corner and bying vegetables from the foreing guy down the street.

It makes me wonder who I would feel... Am I the kind of girl to buy a big house in suburbia, with a garden, with neighbours in the same financial situation as myself, with the same values and speartime activities...

I am not so sure...
I appreciate diversity quite high.
BUT, in one month  we will have the chance to live suburbian life at my parents house.
Then, I will be more able to tell how  I feel about it.
As a kid, I really loved it...

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