mandag 21. mai 2012


To eat outside is a must these days. I will not allow indoor dinners the whole week! Kids loving to stay on the terasse where they have 3 wheel bikes and patinet (sparkesykkel) to play with and burn the leftovers of energy. The neighbours also installed a slide from the terasse and down to the lawn.

How I enjoy these days and the weather.

Marcus told me today he didnt want to go to the kindergarden because they eat so "boring" food there. Always the same bread and the same stuff to put on...
I felt pity for him and made his favourite for dinner; chickpeasoup!
He ate a lot:)

I guess my kids are quite used to a varied diet and different kinds of flavours...
Raw spinach, cottage cheese and ginger are among their most preferred things to eat I would say.

After dinner we took these weird photos looking into the caserole. A bit like going to the funfair and looking at yourself in those mirrors that stretch your body into weird shapes.

Look at Marcus face here, haha! Looking just like an old man trying to hide he doesnt have any teeth left..

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siddisisalou sa...

Så godt å høre at dere endelig har fint vœr. Tror faktisk dere har bedre vœr enn oss. Her har det blåst kraftig i mange dager, og vœrt grått og trist. Men det snur nok plutselig en av dagene nå, og da er vel sommeren og varmen her for godt. Så jeg nyter vinden så lenge vi har den, for den blåser vekk mye pollen og andre ting som vi ikke har bruk for. Ha en fantastisk fin dag i solen og nyt barselpermisjonen din.


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