fredag 11. mai 2012

Finn makes your life funnier:)

How far would you drive to add 27 new (well, actually used) dinosuars to your collection???

You guys know by now how I just LOVE buying second hand! My favourite site on the net is the famous, secondhandmarket!
I found this collection of dinosaurs, 27 of them for ONLY 200.- NOK and thought what a bargain!!

I arranged transport with my brother today after working until 11.30 and off we went to pick the stuff...
She lives by a lake, Kalandslake...We drive around, and around and even more around just to realize that there is NO grey house there with the number 35...

So I call here, sure that this must be a silly set-up for me... You just dont do these kind of things to highly pregnant women who wants to buy toys for their kids!

"oh, are you at the Kalandslake south of Bergen???"
"Yeah... " I say while I realize that there must be another K-lake NORTH of Bergen as well...
FUCK. We are at the wrong lake...

"Ah, dont worry" she says, "I ´ll come to meet you half way"!

How sweet FINN-people are!! They must be the people with the biggest hearts:)
They just seem to do SO much for little money.

Me and  my brother got precious time in the car talking a lot about anything! Wow, that was ages ago, and we have decided to meet much more often. The kids miss spending time with their uncle, but from now there will be a change!

So, after all, spending a lot more diesel and time on this Finn-project  and even byuing a few itmes more than planned, I am home again, superhappy and convinced that Finn adds if not a new dimension to my life, at least it has provided me moments to laugh of while I feel good about recycling!

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Bente sa...

stygt å smile
Jeg kunne nok ha gjort det samme, kjørt til feil sted:)
God helg:):)


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