onsdag 23. mai 2012

Well behaved kids!

Very good behaviour from the kids today!
We should have friends over more frequently...
It seems like they behave better when we are more people together.
Then they sit like small princes by the table, say thankyou for the dinner and no fighting between them..
And even better; they respect that mum is having a conversation with another adult and do not interrupt as often any more, jippi!! How we have worked on this!

Some other thing I enjoy a lot when we sit together is their eager of explaining episodes from the kindergarden. Today Marcus explained how he lifted 100 kg (!) of iron in the maritime museum he visited yeasterday, and Adrià was talking about the monkey from Vennebyen that came for a visit in the kindergarden today.
Their participation makes me happy and it pleases me to see that former shyness is getting less and less present.
But my friend was also very inviting to bring them into the conversation and I guess that helped:)
What a nice time we had:)

Now  some tv before bedtime-rituals!
(noce to escape from the sun I must admit!!)

2 kommentarer:

Pia sa...

De oppfører seg ofte veldig bra når man har gjester, ja;)
Det nærmer seg fødsel for deg nå - masse lykke til!

Frulykkelig sa...

Gjester hjelper på oppførselen til de små ja! Og er man sliten selv også så er det egentlig det beste å bare være med andre, da må man jo ta seg sammen og "oppføre" seg, hihi.

Fin blogg du har og takk for koselig kommentar hos meg!


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