lørdag 26. mai 2012


My better half is on the island while me and the kids are "stuck" in icecreamheaven at my parents house;)
I miscalculated the buses this  afternoon and had to realize that going home by bus would be a bit to much of an excursion on a late afternoon with two sugarhigh kids... (as they only had 1 icecream each on 17th of May, they had 5 each today, hehe...)

So, status: yummie salad and ciabattas in front of me, russian grandmas in national suits on tv (how cool to have a granny performing in the eurovision though!), and a bowl of chocolate to accompany the voting;)

My favorites in random order:

France (the first song to get my attention after a horrible start of the show)
Ukraine (makes me wanna dance and she has a good voice)
Norway (do I need say more; cute guy and catchy song)
Sweden (but unfortunaltely a quite boring performance)

2 kommentarer:

Vigdis sa...

Ser den ja. Og det er kanskje ikke den verste plassen å være stuck?

Foreøvrig enig med deg ang mgp :)

Anonym sa...

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